History of company
K.C. Super Tent Technology Sdn Bhd is originally known as Syarikat Kim Chun, was founded in 1979 by Mr. K.C.Ng, and assisted by his supportive family. The first 10 years of our business is mainly domestic and only involved in zinc shelter, stage, tables and wooden chairs. As our company's capital, experiences and desire grow over the years and with the advancement of technology in the tentage industry, our company took a big leap to become the first few to venture into PVC canvas canopy tent. Since then, this colorful canopy tent has slowly eradicate the dull zinc shelter demand in the market as more rental company took the same leap in the next few year. By then, our company founder foresee the upcoming demand for a more futuristic tent since every design has only specific glorious moment. Therefore, the company take another big leap in year 1997 and being the first in Malaysia to venture into expensive alloy-based aluminum tent covered with white PVC canvas, which we named as K.C. Super Tent. This turned out to be the wisest decision as Malaysia has been growing rapidly around the 90's and thus, boosting the demand for bigger and more elegant tents to live up to the standard of various reputable government's functions, grand launchings, international exhibitions & etc. all over Malaysia. This opened up new doorway for our company to extend our business all over Malaysia as well since not many companies had taken the same leap in that era.
Staying focused on our promise
Times may change, but our promise to our clients does not: we will do whatever it takes to deliver the right results, on time and on budget.
Visions and future developments
K.C. Super Tent Technology Sdn Bhd will strive to be a reliable company with support and trust from our clients. K.C. Super Tent Technology Sdn Bhd makes every effort to be a rental company that provides the best rental service not in several limited business areas but in various fields of industry. K.C. Super Tent Technology Sdn Bhd is creating the new advanced rental culture in Malaysia and will do its best to provide the best rental service with the high quality equipment and excellent human power.
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